Plot twist 2

So, in all honesty I hadn’t continued with this because I wasn’t sure how to continue. Remember I did mention that I am not much of a writer. Anyway, so to proceed, I got my cup. It’s one of the best decisions I have made in my life. It’s a great feeling having to finish your period without having piled up waste. It’s a rewarding feeling, trust me.

I set my mind to venture into agriculture. Just to have a feel of how it goes and learn while at it. Take note, I still had no fixed source of income so I couldn’t get anyone to do the manual work for me as well as buy the inputs. But things just fell into place. I got the seed, manure and fertilizer without having to pay for anything. I asked my cousin to help out and he was happy to. Being a person who is all about taking care of the environment, I chose to try out Pfumvudza; a climate smart farming method. I am super happy about the progress. This made 2020 worthwhile for me. Now I totally understand my gran. Every-time she visits due to ill health prior to the planting season or just after planting she is a bother. She will just be wanting to see her plants and the progress. I cannot explain the fulfillment that comes with seeing those green buddies grow. It’s amazing.

It’s interesting how I made so many new friends in 2020. Weird I know for someone in their late 20s to find it necessary to mention that they made new friends. But hey, who’s judging right 🙃? This was an amazing plot twist for me in 2020. Remember I mentioned in part 1 that I tried teaching online in 2019 and things had gone south because of the electricity issue? Well in 2020 I tried it again. In all honesty I was just applying just for just. Lo and behold, I got accepted on one of the websites and it’s been great. I have great relationships with my students. I have had an opportunity to have language exchange sessions with fellow tutors of different languages.

I promise, I just wasn’t able to hype this part like it ought to be hyped but trust me 2020 was an amazing year after all. Filled with so many lessons, joys and memories.

The plot twist

It’s no secret that 2020 has been a tough year. Probably most people if not everyone can testify to that and I am no exception. From the corona virus to the recession that came with it due to the lockdowns, things just seemed to have been continuously going down hill.

Okay fine, so I said I am no exception but truth be told; corona virus or not my life was pretty much in the same place. Maybe it was moving at a really slow pace and I was too negative to notice. The background of the story is 2019 I quit a job I really loved due to… well, let’s just say stuff 😬. I got another job and I am not sure if I was fired or if I quit 4 months later. But bottomline is I was unemployed just like that. Initially, I had a plan to venture into agriculture but things just went wrong. I honestly don’t know what happened. Then I told myself I could collect a particular material for recycling- I noticed I had to go back to the drawing board for it to work. I tried looking into becoming an au pair but that’s a story for another day🙂. I tried teaching online but the electricity company wasn’t up for it lol.

So here I was, unemployed, seemingly stuck and had a very worried mother. I wasn’t really moved but my mother’s worry is what made me worry. It’s really something though having to ask for money for every single thing. I had a thousand and one business ideas but they all needed money. Which I didn’t have.

Enter into the scene 2020; I wasn’t phased by much. Take note I said much meaning there was a little that did bother me because of the economic state I was in 🤭.

My friends especially know how I was uncomfortable talking about human reproductive health especially menstruation. The discomfort was really bad. It’s only now that I am talking about it a bit more and forcing myself to embrace that gift of womanhood in discussions.

It didn’t make sense to me having to constantly worry about how I would get my next box of tampons. My mother is a free spirit but the problem was with me and my shyness. How then was I going to constantly be chucking tampon boxes in the trolley every single time I need them and pretend like I did nothing. I woke up on 13 May and made a decision I am happy about. I decided to buy a menstrual cup. I don’t regret it, more so because there was a two for one sale at that time. Perfect timing, right!

I had a few dollars saved and was a few dollars short. It took everything in me to ask my mother for the few dollars. I won’t forget the face she made when I told her what I needed the money for. 😂 epic. Long story short getting that cup is one of my successes in 2020. In as much as a lot went wrong, there are more things that went right🙂.

To be continued 😉

Coping with STRESS the Christian way🙂

This is something I believe God revealed to me when I was meant to lead devotion back in 2018. I find myself referring back to this a lot. I find this + staying in the word really helpful. There’s some form of bond and progress that comes with knowing the word. I hope this also helps someone 🙂

Numbers 11 vs 10-15
-the Israelites were still on their way to the promised land.
-Moses as a leader faced a lot of criticism as they were complaining repeatedly about continuously eating manna and preferred to go back to Egypt were they had meat and fish.
-as a leader, Moses was really frustrated by this.

How then do we cope when faced with a problem that’s way beyond our control?

I believe the following steps might be helpful. They fall in no particular order but I personally recommend that you try by all means to start with number (i).

i. Call unto the Lord
-there are many examples in the Bible that show the importance of praying in the face of a problem. When David’s son he had had with Bathsheba died he cleaned himself up and worshipped the Lord.
Job, upon hearing about all the sad things that had happened, he shaved his head and worshipped the Lord.
It’s important to pray to God in all seasons and always call unto him because he promises to show us great and wonderful things that we have not seen (Jeremiah 33 vs3)

ii. Trust in the Lord
Proverbs 3 vs 5: Trust the Lord with all your heart, and dont lean on your own understanding. I have heard people say the heart is deceitful, emotions fluctuate and understanding does not see the overall bug picture. Matthew 6 vs 27: You cannot add any time in your life by worrying about it. So honestly, why bother. In as much as it might be inevitable but we can always get through it if we know whom to trust.

iii. Trust God’s plan
Jeremiah 29 vs 11: For I know the plans that I have for you says the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to destroy you.

iv. Accept your stressor
1 Corinthians 10 vs 13: * The only temptation that has come to you Is that which everyone has. But you can trust God, who will not let you be tempted more than you can stand. But when you are tempted more than you can stand, he will always give you a way to escape so that you will be able to stand it.*

v. Have faith and overcome
Hebrews 12 vs 1-2: We have around us people whose lives tell us what faith means. So let us run the race that is before us and never give up. We should remove from our lives anything that would get in the way and the sin that so easily hold us back. Let us look only to Jesus, The one who began our faith and who makes it perfect. He suffered death on the cross. But he accepted the shame As if it’s where nothing because of the joy that God put before him. And now he is sitting at the right side of God’s throne.
God will always take care of us. Let us live in the word.

My peace lily…

I have never been much of… a lot of things lol. I had to control myself and not complete that sentence. Truth be told though I continue learning new things about myself everyday. Anyway, I have never really been a plant person growing up. Yes, I would venture into a lot of vegetable gardening but it was mostly for business and I would end up giving the vegetables away to visitors anyway. Fast forward to when my story is meant to start:

Mom invested in 3 peace lilies for the house but one of them wasn’t doing so well. She decided to discard of the lily and move the flower pot elsewhere. My first reaction always when she says that she wants to throw something away is, “ I have space for it in my bedroom.” She in-turn refers to my room as Stanford and Sons’. She agreed 😁. We had to go to Halsteads to look for two flowerpots because the flower had two crowns so I would split it. I read into how to repot the flower, how to take care of it, what organic stuff to add to the soil, where to position it and watering habits. I rearranged the stuff in my room in order to accommodate the flowers.

We got the flower pots. While repotting I added banana peels and bonemeal as per my findings. The second day, I forgot the flowers outside and the dogs had something to do during the night. In the morning, everything was on the ground. I was so devastated to say the least. But I put the flowers into the pot again and put them back in my room. The flowers started to dry up as the weeks went by. I put one pot in my bathroom because somehow I thought since I never close the bathroom windows, the flowers would do better and they would get extra sunlight as well. The one flower pot in the bathroom dried completely. There were no leaves to show any activity in the pot.

I decided to ask my mother for another peace lily from the other ones in the house. I was only waiting for her to show me which one to take. I went back to my room, Lo and behold, the flower was sprouting. The other flower started sprouting just last week. After I noticed the other sprouting, I cut its’ leaves to spead up its recovery process🙈. Long long story I know. My story telling skills aren’t that great it’s no secret. But what I am getting at is, from my peace lilies I learnt something.

My peace lily dried up leaf by leaf. Slowly… But I never stopped watering it every week. It had no stem left but I continued watering it. It’s drying process was it’s strengthening process. The moment it seemed to be at its’ weakest, it was actually making itself stronger. It had to go back to “seed level” for it become better and more beautiful. Sometimes we have to go back to basics for the greater good. In life, when things seem to be going south, we have to stop and go back to the drawing with a fresh and renewed mind. In the saddest of times and at a point we think we are at our weakest- NEWSFLASH 🙂 that’s your strongest point.

#DzokeraKumusha #Staystrong #StayAtHome #StayPositive #KeepAtItInPrayer

One of my peace lilies

Episode 2

I have never been much of a writer nor a reader. I found myself reading set books for school just so that I would pass. Reading for pleasure has been something I have been trying to improve but I still struggle focusing.

Anyway, I have learnt that we won’t have to do what we love always for us to get to our end goal. We need to “detour” a thousand times for us to grow before we get to our destination.

I am finding myself reading and writing a lot as means to an end. This post is just to remind someone out there, we need to step out of our comfort zones in order for us to grow. That’s a push that will get us to where we want to go.






I thought I would do justice by introducing myself…

Well! My name is Doreen but some call me Doc (that’s a story for another day). I hold a degree in Psychology. I hope to venture into Clinical- Neuro and Geriatric Psychology  in the long run. A bit much I know :-). I actually have a lot of dreams and aspirations and these have led me to have a blog, this blog. I hope to be a lot of things and to achieve a lot… For me to be able to do that, I have to research, get to know how the people who have done it did it, read a lot of books on entrepreneurship, the spiritual angle in line with success among other things that will be featured in this blog. I am also a believer of good mental health. Some posts will address mental  health issues this all just to help y’all be mentally and emotionally healthy.

In short, the purpose of this blog is to inspire and motivate people like me. People who wish to build empires :-). Like I mentioned before, this will be done through featuring successful people especially Zimbabwean people, use of the great book (bible), mental well being issues and just my personal stories 🙂. There’s a lot coming, I am quiet excited about this. Obviously I will feature things to do with my career as side notes.

I have never been much of a writer but I guess this blog will help me be one.

Enjoy… I know I will 🙂